My first build, need a few pointers, gaming PC

I’ve decided to get up a bit of cash and buy myself a pc for gaming. I’m on low on funds, so I’m trying to get the best bang for my buck.

I live in the UK so pc components cost more. I’ve heard good things about the following websites, and So I’ll more in likely buy from these trustworthy sources unless told otherwise.

I’ve been looking around and doing a bit of research and have came up with the following system.

Motherboard: Asustek A8N-E S939 nForce4 Ultra ATX
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939 512KB Inc. Fan
Memory: Crucial 1GB 184pin DIMM PC3200 DDRRAM NP Unbuffered CL3.0
GPU: XFX GeForce 7900GT 256MB DDR3 PCIE Dual DVI
Case and PSU: DabsValue Midi Tower 400W Black

I'd like the community to have a look at this setup and tell me what they think, I’ll be putting this together only them components, and not overclocking until I get more money.

Make what ever comment you wish , A few queries I have….
I’m I missing anything. I have a few components form my old computer that will make this a complete computer, like cooling fans, monitor, keyboard, mouse, DVD and speakers.

Is this all compatible, will this all fit together and work?

Any better components I could buy around the same price?

What will game performance be like?

Whats the overclockability like ?

I’ll edit this if I think of more questions.
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  1. 1) Buy a Conroe

    2) Order from Overclockers or eBuyer

    3) Those DabsValue cases are crap and the PSUs they come with are even worse.

    4) Get 2gb of RAM.

    5) A friend of mine used a cheapo PSU like that, a 400w. He built a A64/3200+/9800/1gb and it didn't boot 'til he put a decent unit in.
  2. If at all possible, I would try and hold out for the Conroe to be released (end of the month I'm hearing)

    Also, try not to skimp out on a Power Supply.

    Beyond that, looks good, I'm sure you wouldn't be dissappointed in the performance.

    As for overclockability? I don't know, I haven't overclocked since the days of the Barton :)
  3. 1) u dont nececerelly need a core2duo coz the 3500+ will still be fine for gaming. Only get conroe if u can afford it.

    2) get 2GB ram if u can afford it. This will help out alot in games.

    3) If your not gettin conroe then i would definetly recommend an am2 system. It is around the same price and will last alot longer for upgrading.

    4) I have a shit crap generic 400watt psu in my computer and it has workd perfectly for almost 2 years. It will do if u cant afford a better one.

    5) it will all work together

    6) IDK about o/c'ing

    7) Gaming performance will be good(better with 2GB ram though)
  4. I agree completely with Mesa and prozac, Conroe would be a much better option. But if you simply can't wait for a Conroe, or it doesn't fit within your budget, at least wait until Conroe comes out so you can take advantage of the price cuts AMD has planned.
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