motherboard or psu?

Hi, got more problems with new system :( I have had problems with lots of components. Sometimes my perfectly working X1800XT does not generate an image on the screen after booting, but you can hear windows load fine. I also had a new hard drive randomly die, and certain usb devices, such as the remote which came with my p5w dh deluxe do not work. (Although they will work with my other pcs). I am thinking this is either the motherboard or the power supply, as it may be more drained than it was. Its a Sweex 650w.

Pentium D 830
2gb OCZ DDR2 800
2x raptor, 1x 300gb
asus p5w dh deluxe
x1800xt 512mb

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  1. oculd have picked a better brand... check the amps provided on each rail. the 12V should put out at least 19A, if it's 18 or lower you may have found the video problem.
  2. well the box says : its all meaningless to me. Apparently i need a dual rail 12v or something for a system like mine?

    Switched power supply
    110/220 V switchable (220 V: 5 Amp/ 110V:10 Amp)
    + 3.3 V 28 Amp
    + 5 V 45 Amp
    + 12 V 25 Amp
    -5 V 0.5 Amp
    -12 V 0.8 Amp
    - 5 Vsb 2 Amp PEAK 2.5
    Max. 650 Watt
    CE, FC
  3. Not sure of the quality of that brand but the specs are fine, I'm running a 3700+ and an 1800xt off a generic 500w with only 18 on the 12 and it's been going strong for 3 months.

    Have you tried a clean install and update all the chipset and vid drivers?
  4. alright... specs look fine.
  5. well i have been using this psu for a while, originally with my old SKT 478 northwood, however i'm sure that wouldnt have strained the psu as much as a nasty hot pentium D 830. The manual does says at least 400w with dual 12v rails however....

    so, do you think its the psu or the motheboard?
  6. That's just 25 amps over a dual 12v rail system? That's not much at all. Actually, that REALLY isn't much at all. That might be your problem right there - especially for the new hardware it's having to power.
  7. No, he said he needs a dual rail 12v, so the 25Amps is on one rail. Although with the manuf. of the PSU, it's rather doubtful that that figure isn't exaggerated.... :)
  8. Yes, that I understood that but, what I was concerned about was the draw off of that rail. Since, it seems, no single part is dropping of with any regularity, then it would seem that the draw of the rail is overwhelming it as it has to produce for other components.

    I agree that the manuf specs may be exageratted.

    A Saphire x1800xt 512 draws between 24 to 26 amps under load.

    Something has to give..
  9. Yes, I take your point. I would certainly go for a branded PSU. I've seen these names crop up on here on several occasions: seasonic, Antec. And, presumably if he goes for an SLI compatible one (obviously dependant on budget), this should ensure a good current rating on the 12v..
  10. well the new powersupply (hiper typer r 580w) has completely solved the graphics problem. it still takes a while to get through the bios after it shows 2048mb (could it be counting it all?). The remote still wont work either...... so its the motherboard, or possibly unhappy drivers?
  11. RMA the board if any of the components aren't working.
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