Asrock S939 ULi m1695 ATXAL - best performance bios settings

Since the release of the new technologies such as 64 bit Athlons and PCI express etc, I haven't really gotten round to building one but now I have just built

Athlon 64 3500+
Asrock S939 ULi m1695
1 GB PC3200 RAM
Geforce 7300 GT

I was just wondering if I had to set any special settings in the bios for HTT for example. Or perhaps if I should tweak the FSB and mult for better performance on stock cooling.

If you guys have some suggestions I'd be very grateful.
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  1. im not sure how well that mobo overclocks but u do know that building a new system now was a very bad idea? with Intel next-gen. CPU's around the corner (2 weeks) and AMD price drops in 2 weeks also.
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