ANtec pp403x 400W PSU no 12v connector will it work with P4?

I have an Antec 400W model pp-403x laying around it does not have the square 12v connector that many motherboards have. Will this work with a P4 mobo is it just to supply auxillary power?

I am trying to avoid buying a new PSU to power
Abit IC7G
P4 3.2
1 gig Mushkin DDR
Radeon 9800 Pro
1 HD
1 CD Burner

This will be used for server and Linux Distro testing only
I probably can get an older Video Card to stick in

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  1. That square 4 pin connector is to power the processor. If you don't use it, at best your processor won't perform to spec, at worst you won't be able to POST.
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