2x Western Digital 80gb 8mb cache 7200rpm ata ide Hard Drive

2x Western Digital Special Edition (Black) 80gb 8mb cache 7200rpm ata ide hard drives - both used for a little under a year and in great condition. $40 each, $5 shipping if you buy one free shipping if you take both. Would be great buying both and having a 160gb raid 0 array.

I can provide Heatware (2 feedbacks) and ebay feedback (over 100 feedbacks).
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  1. Western Digital WD-250GB 7200Rpm 2MB Buffer 8.9ms 250GB: $60

    Western Digital WD1200BB 120GB 7200rpm 2mb $42


    Maxtor 6Y120M0 120GB Serial ATA SATA-150 8MB Cache 7200 Serial ATA. Original Maxtor (1 Year Warranty). $43 Free shipping

    All new with warranty.

    1 black marker: $.25 cents
  2. stop destroying my threads dbag, lol.
  3. Im helping you sell something here.
    If you were trying to rip people off, it wont work.
    If you were being honest, I am just providing a better comparison so you can offer a a reasonable price. Prices are always changing and dropping (faster then people would like).
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