Would a dead CPU keep even system fans from running?

I have an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego Socket 939 processor. The system had been working for about 6 months without any problem. Antec Sonata II case, 2 GB Corsair memory, 2 Seagate SATA 300 GB drives.

I went to power the system on and nothing happened. I "asssumed" it was the power supply. I installed the system in a new Antec Sonata II case and still nothing. Ok. I replaced the motherboard. Now has a brand new ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. Hook everything up and nothing. The green light on the motherboard shows it is receiving power.

Could the CPU be dead? Would that cause everything else to do nothing?? Even CPU fan does not come on. Anybody have any helpful ideas?


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  1. Yes it can: if the CPU is dead it can draw a lot of current due to internal shirt cicuits and the PSU can enter protection mode.
    Usually nothing runs with a dead or non installed CPU.
  2. Does anyone know how I can test this without replacing the CPU? :cry:
  3. Place the CPU on the new mobo and connect to the new CPU. Don't connect any external device and no PCI/PCIe card (neither the graphics card).
    The system should almost start with some beep complaining the GPU absence.
    If it doesn't try to start I can be the CPU.
  4. I took out the graphics card and still no POST. I was able to test the memory in another system and it recognized the 2 Gb without any problem. I don't have another 939 socket CPU to try.
  5. It will not POST without the graphics card, but you will hear some beeps and the fan spindle.
    It the fans are still stopped and no beep come out you 99% have a dead CPU.
  6. :( That is is the conclusion I am coming to also. Does anyone know how quickly AMD responds to warranty RMA's?
  7. Quote:
    :( That is is the conclusion I am coming to also. Does anyone know how quickly AMD responds to warranty RMA's?

    Just a thought, AMD is slashing prices significantly in the near future, you may want to take this as an opportunity to upgrade.
  8. Upgrading would be great, but the processor is less than a year old and should be covered by warranty. I would rather have AMD replace this one .... and then ... when prices go down .... rebuild a new system and give this one to my wife to replace her current one. You know the trickle down theory.

    Fortunately, I'm using my wife's system now, which up until I built my current system was mine.
  9. Send it back, they will usually give you a new CPU wether it is damaged or not.
  10. I have a post into their technical support department already and will ask for an RMA tomorrow. I appreciate the advice.
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