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Need Help, which video card to purchase????

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 16, 2006 5:14:24 PM

Ok, so I've pre-ordered an E6600 Conroe and I'm looking at video cards now.

I am down to either:




I know the Gx2 will perform better than the 1900xt but is it really worth the extra $220 or so?

Also, while the Gx2 will fit any PCIe slot, not needing SLI, I would think the ATI might work better in most of the mobo's for the Conroe.

The games I play are typically:

Battlefield 2
Age of Empires
and will be getting NWN2

I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations.

Additionally , which brands of each card do you suggest? I tried to find a review that compared the brands of each card and I can't find one.

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July 17, 2006 2:20:31 AM

well obviously a gx2 would be better, but also the new Dx10 cards are coming out this fall-end of this year. So i would suggest the x1900xt or even the x1800xt for that fact. Save your pennies for the DX10 cards, it WILL be worth it.(I already am :D )
July 17, 2006 2:28:54 AM

Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Get the X1900XT , then when the new cards come out if they look good, I'll ebay my X1900XT and at least get a good portion back.

Which model of the X1900XT would you suggest?

I was looking more at the HIS with the IceQ 3 on it.
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July 17, 2006 2:32:23 AM

The HIS with IceQ3 is a great model, but also make sure you have enough room for it as well, it is a space hog card. Sapphire and Ati cards are supposed to work well too. If you have the x1900xt now, dont ebay it, the highest you'll probably get is the price of a x1800xt, maybe less. Anyways, glad to help, as always :D 
July 17, 2006 2:42:44 AM

It'll be going in a Thermaltake Kandalf with a P5W DH Deluxe.

Hopefully I'll have enough room.

My system will look something like this:

CPU BX80557E6600 Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

Motherboard P5W DH DELUXE Asus P5W DH Deluxe 975X

Memory TWIN2X2048-6400 2GB Kit DDR2-800 XMS2-6400

VideoCard H190XTQ512DVN HiS Radeon X1900 XT IceQ3

Case VA9000BWS Thermaltake Kandalf Full Tower.

Power Supply OCZ700GXSSLI OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX 2.2/EPS

HD 1 ST3250620AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Serial ATA 16mb buffer

HD 2 ST3250620AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Serial ATA 16mb buffer

Monitor VX2025WM Viewsonic 20.1in Wide Screen LCD Monitor

Thoughts? I was also contemplating the Dell 2007FPW, it's on sale for $367 with shipping included.

My current system I'm upgrading from:

P4 2.8 ghz
1 gb Corsair twinx pc-3200
WD caviar 80gb hd
ATI 9800 Pro
Asus p4p800 deluxe
Samsung 19" CRT

The new one should be better :D 
July 17, 2006 2:52:40 PM

yea the Kandalf is a full tower case, and it looks like you will have plenty of room to fit all of your nice goodies. I suggest a nice amount of fans though to keep it all cool. I would go with the dell monitor actually, a lot of people on these forums claim to have the dell 20' and larger monitors and seem to have great results from them. I have a samsung syncmaster 204b 20.1' LCD and most of the dell monitors like the 20' are based from this. It gets 5ms and was a little more than the $349 monitor from dell. Anyways good luck with your new computer. :D