Help ::: LG1970HR vs 960BF vs ViewSonic Vx922

I relly Need Help I am confusing!!
There is anyone can check the LG1970HR!!
Spefications :

I just wann'a know what is the best without to consider the price ONLY technical cheking.
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  1. The specs of that monitor look perfect… if not a little too perfect. With the contrast ratio of 1600:1 being almost twice what normal run of the mill TFT is and toped the 2ms pixel refresh rate means it looks to be one of the best out there.

    Although the 2ms refresh rate might mean that you will get a few problem when watching movies and the 5:4 screen ratio of 19” TFT’s will also add to that fact. To tell you the truth you don’t need a 19” TFT with those specs.

    19” TFT’s are normally purchased by people because they cant spare the money to buy the next size up. They have a good size for games but not the best. And with a desktop size of 1280X1024 it’s simply not big enough to do artwork or anything graphical. Which leads to my question, why do you need a 19” TFT with those specs?
  2. you right the spec are relly looks "little" too perfect but need to see the monitor in the eyes.

    ok, and now to your question..
    the price of that 3 screens in my country more or less the same price
    L1970HR LG = 467$
    ViewSonic vx922 = 498$
    samsung 960BF = 465$
    So if i already bought LCD isn't preferable to bought the best ?!

    I need LCD to graphical works , a little for games, but not for movies.

    anyaway, what LCD would you buy ?

    tnx .
  3. If I was going to settle for a 19" TFT it would be a mid range one, something with 8ms response time and a contrast ratio of 800:1. Then with the money I would save I would put it on my Credit Card to save up for a better GFX Card… or maybe a new HDTV…

    It’s really all relative to your situation. I my self am not made of money so will buy the mid range things on everything in my PC apart from Graphics cards where I normally buy the beast thing going. You have to ask your self a question. “Do I need the best 19” TFT monitor”, will you actually need all the features like 2ms and 1600:1.

    If you’re made of money and have no problems, then yeh buy the best of everything. But since your going for a 19” monitor I suspect that is not the case so in my eyes you would be best to spend the money on a bigger monitor since I would take more pixels over better pixels for graphical work any day!

    But then to answer your question, the LG looks to have the best specs out of all of them, although I have heard a few things about blank screens and gaming with there f-engine splash screen popping up. But that only seems to effect games not desktop work, that’s if it is an actual problem with that model of monitor. So I would choose the LG if I had to.
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