***mobo with am2 socket, x2 that has agp****??

i have 6600gt AGP 8x lookin to upgrade my mobo...but cant find a mobo that comes with am2 socket, amd x2 that has an agp slot so i could use my video card....has anyone seen 1?
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  1. AFAIK, there are none, and will never be any.
  2. They do not exist.
  3. Actually there sorta is. you can buy a
    ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 Socket 939 and then buy a ASRock AM2CPU Bridge Card.

    Bridge Card

    Its a pretty cheap board from what i hear but it gets pretty good reviews from most. Haven't seen any feedback from the bridge card.
  4. Horrible solution.
  6. If you're thinking AM2 you've gotta let go that card.
    I love my 6800 Ultra, on THIS system, when I decide to go up I'd like to notice the performance, not stifle it.
  7. Quote:
    Horrible solution.

    Didn't say it was a great solution, i think i actually mentioned it wasent the best idea, however it was a solution which you failed to give.
  8. You will have to buy a new pcie video card. The 6600 is easy to replace with a not too expensive card.
  9. allright fellas i guess gona need to look for a new video card...thx
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