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I've got 2 Asus 6800GT Dual and was wondering if somebody knows if there are quad GPU NVidia drivers that work?
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  1. You didn't buy them recently did you?... If so I suggest returning them ASAP!
    They aren't Nvidia supported cards so drivers from Nvidia will never come.
  2. download the from the manufacturer, im not sure if that sort of thing is yet supported by nvidia, i know the quad SLI drivers wont be done for some time ahead
  3. He's not using an Nvidia certified product so even when Nvidia's Quad SLI drivers do come, they probably won't work.
  4. Find a company that supplied them in a machine and download the drivers from them, you never know.
    Didn't........Dell...augh !!!....make a Quad GPU unit ?
  5. I've got all 4 GPU's working on a Asus driver and was wondering if somebody got it working on a NVidia driver...
    Since they came out with the 7950 they must also have a driver which supports quad GPU?
    Or is it maybe because the 7950 isn't a "2 on 1 board solution" ?
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