p5nd2-sli not booting with pentium d 805

i just bought this board and i can't seem to get it to boot.
it may be the ram which is this one
since it is ddr2 800 and the board is set to support only ddr2 667.
either that or the pentium d 805 is not compatible. i don't know.
the list of my components is this:
evga 7600gt ko
hd 250gb seagate 7200.10
antec lifestyle sonata II
450Watt SmartPower 2.0
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  1. It is definitely your RAM.

    The description of the G.Skill memory should be more specific, but when it says, "for Intel platform only" it actually means or should say, for Intel chipset-based motherboards only.

    The P5ND2 is an Nforce4 chipset-based motherboard, and so although it is running a Pentium D 805 processor, the motherboard chipset renders it incompatible with your memory.

    If you look at the reviews (on Newegg) of that memory, you will find that other people have had the same problem on NF4 for Intel motherboards.

    I know the low latency of this memory is very attractive, but in order to use the memory you would need a motherboard with, for example, a 955x or 975x chipset (both are Intel chipsets).

    Hope this helps.

  2. bios......, update it
  3. I have the same board, so it shouldn't be the D805.
  4. To reiterate, it's that specific model of G.Skill memory that you are using.
    There is nothing wrong with any of your hardware. But the model of G.Skill memory that you are using is designed for Intel chipsets, not just Intel CPUs. For example, the memory would work with any motherboard that has a 945, 955 or 975 chipset (all Intel chipsets). But that model of G.Skill memory does not work with NForce 4 chipsets.

    Look at the link hijodeltiger provides to the model of memory that he purchased. There are two things to note:

    1) The latency of this memory is incredibly low. This leads me to believe that such low latency is achieved by being optimized for Intel chipsets. Of course, this is conjecture but it makes sense.

    2) Look at customer reviews of this model of memory, and other users have had the exact same problem as hijodeltiger, that is, it didn't work with their NF4 for Intel boards.

    So that's pretty much the deal with that.

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