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PSU problem?

Last response: in Systems
July 17, 2006 3:40:14 AM

I am having a strange problem on my rig, that I believe is a PSU issue, but I wanted to see if anyone here disagreed and thought it might a MB issue.
My system runs fine, no crashes. The problems all have to do with boot up and shut down:
1. Occasionally when I try to start the system, I get no response at all. No fan, no led, nothing. when this happens, i usually have to shut the PSU's power off (at the rocker switch), and wait for more than 30 minutes before trying again. I can always get it to start eventually, but it always takes a lot of switching the PSU on and off. The other strange thing about it is that when I turn the PSU OFF, after ~5 seconds the power LED on the case flickers; sort of like a capacitor is discharging.
2. Frequently on shutdown, Windows will go through its normal shutdown operations, but instead of the system turning off, the case lights and fans will continue to run (I suspect that everything is still powered on, but I can't tell since the OS is shutdown).

All drivers and BIOS are current.

PSU: Ultra X-Connect 500W
MB: MSI Neo4Platinum socket 939
CPU: Athon 64 3700+

I think the issue is with the PSU, but a friend of mine suspects a bd MB. What do you think?
Thanks for the help

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July 17, 2006 3:43:36 AM

Take the PSU out and go toyour local computer shop and have them test the PSU. That should narrow down the problems. I am going to go for a bad motherboard too however.