7800GS temperature ?

Hi guys,

my OLD rig :
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
P4 2.6 GHz
XFX GeForce 7800GS Extreme Edition
1 Gigs RAM
Coolermaster 550W PS
120 Gigs HDD Maxtor
Audigy 2 ZS
DVD ROM + DVD Writer

my NEW/Upgraded rig :
Asus P5P800SE
P4 D930 3.0GHz
XFX GeForce 7800GS Extreme Edition
the rest is the same...

In the old rig the idle temperature of the XFX is around 44° - 47°C. On heavy load is around 55° - 58°C.

In the NEW/Upgraded rig the idle temperature of the XFX is around 52° - 55°C. On heavy load is around 62° - 65°C.

I don't overclock and my casing is always open (even when i still in the OLD rig). There are 3 additional fans (two in the front and one in the back). I use the driver Z-Tweaked V8725. I play games such as FEAR, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, and Hitman with reasonable fps in 1280X1024@75Hz resolution and no crash.

I just want to know about the temperature of this XFX. Is it normal the raise of the temperature only because more faster processor ?
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  1. Those temps are fine, but shouldn't have risen. The CPU could be releaseing some heat, which ends up on the video card.

    What are the CPU temps now? What were the temps on the older CPU?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    My Old CPU in idle stay around 40°-43°C. Heavy load around 45°-50°C.
    My New CPU in Idle stay around 33°-37°C. Heavy load around 40°-44°C.
    Room temperature around 27°C.

    I was surprise to see my new CPU's temp, but i'm happy and i can understand why this new CPU are more colder than my old CPU.

    Both of those CPUs are using original Intel heatsink and fan.

    In the old rig, the space between CPU heatsink and VGA weren't so much, i think it's around 2-3cm. In the new rig, the space is more large, i think it's around 4-5cm.
    So, I don't think it's because the CPU's heat.

    BTW, i'll try to change the place of fans. Maybe it'll give good results.

    Thanks again.
  3. Interesting I have the XFX 7800GS for my system and my card even under heavy gaming such as BF2 or FEAR or doing some benchmarks like 3DMARK my GPU has never risen above 44 C even when my AMD Athlon XP 3000 hits 61 C . Dont know what to tell you. However I did read in some review on the card before i got it that certain revisions of it had some heat problems but mainly most were complaining about a high pitch noise being caused by some lose plastic that the MANUFACTURE didnt take off.
  4. My AGP 6800GT (which is o/c to ultra) stays around 57c idle and 68c load. However, you should look into (if you can) putting a 120mm fan on the rear of your case, and editing the nvidia driver registry with coolbits. I forget if it's in the coolbit settings or the nvidia settings but you can set the fan to be always on. It will be at (full speed possibly?) all the time. For me this card is the quietest thing in my case, but it's up to you. Mine doesn't bother me so i leave the setting on. You could also look into aftermarket cooling if you're feeling ballsy.
  5. Thanks guys...

    In my old rig, the temperature of the 7800gs is nearly the same like Voska have. It stays around 44°C. In heavy load maximum is 58°C.

    Now there's another issue arise. I just bought Half Life 2 and my brother lend me BF2. Played them with all video settings maxxed out at 1280x1024. Half Life2 runs very fine then crashed randomly (5 minutes-10minutes) and forced me to press the restart button. but BF2 runs very fine.

    I changed the position of the fans, temperature stays the same. I checked the plastic issue, no plastic.

    Finally, i lowered the GPU clock (325MHz) and the memory clock(1.1GHz). Then play the Half Life 2, wow...4 hours play, no crash...

    I don't understand with this card now. With normal clock (440/1.3GHz) games such FEAR, GRAW, BF2 etc runs fine. In half life2 i have to change the clock.

    Just another think, The Intel P4D is using PWM method for its heatsink fan. Does this method affecting the fan on the VGA ?
  6. Im not sure about the whole HL:2 thing man. Although im not that big of a fan of the game I have played it just recently and never had a problem with crashing. I am only having problems with BF2 but that is mainly due to my CPU being a bottleneck and I have proven that to be the problem.
  7. I just solved the HL2 problems. The only thing i had to do is change the PCI latency to 64 and using the driver from NGOHQ or official Forceware. That works for playing around 5 hours nonstop. 32 PCI latency is just choking the display card.

    But nothing changed for the temperature. It's even getting more higher. It hit 72°C after the games.

    It just look like there's something wrong with the fan or the software in it. What i think is this fan is using PWM method too...because i see there are 4 cables just like the Intel heatsink fan. Maybe i'll take out the PWM cable...

    BTW, I did what Korsen said. But it changed nothing...

    Thanks guys...
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