GA-965P-DQ6 and Antec true power 2 480watt.

I have just ordered the GA-965P-DQ6 Mobo and a Antec True Power 2 480watt PSU and i noticed that it has a 24pin power connecter for the motherboard but i think i also noticed the lack of a 4 Pin Aux connecter but also the power input for the motherboard on the PSU can detach making the connecter a 20pin and have a 4pin spare. Can the 20pin be used on the 24pin motherboard with the 4spare on the Aux???? Or can someone explane this to me?? Thx
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  1. I dont know if anyone has provided thier insight or if you already figured it out but check your pm.
  2. In the manual, page 19, #1 is the 4-pin aux power connector. There should be plug in pins 5-8.

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