fastest setting...?

i'm building a new computer with old parts left over for kids...
and i got a quick question about hdd setup...
is RAID 0 significantly better than non RAID 0 setting?
1 SATA2 Perp. Writing seemed faster than 2 PATA 133 RAID 0;
but couldn't tell difference between 1 SATA2 Perp. and 2 SATA 2 RAID 0...
so.. i was wondering whether to go with
4 PATA 100 & 133 mixed RAID 0 or 2 PATA 133 RAID 0 or 1 SATA 150?
does RAID 0 even offer noticeable performance difference?
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  1. The sata drive should be faster or as fast, but depending on the storage needs, it's all a matter of preference. Two sata drives in a raid 0 would be best if your looking for raid 0 performance. However the raid 0 on the 133's should give some similar performance gains.
  2. Also, if you aren't actually using the hard drives in RAID 0 as they can be used, you won't notice any difference. Those settings aren't for just everyday users, they are meant for performance enthusiasts. If you are just doing MS Office tasks, email, etc, then there isn't really a need for RAID 0. RAID 1 there would be since it duplicates your data. Try doing video encoding, mp3 encoding, file compression, even loading large game levels, and you'll see a difference - As long as the CPU can handle it anyway. Your system can only work as fast as the slowest part used in the task, remember that.
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