Can i use a regular windows 7 pro disc on a dell computer?

My computer needs to have the OS reinstalled and I have a copy of Windows 7 Pro (same OS version that my Dell laptop has) but it is not the Dell Version. Will this work? No recovery CDs were made when the computer was originally purchased and, of course, they do not come with the discs anymore.
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  1. If the hardware is compatible with your motherboard it shouldn't be a problem what OS you use
  2. yes it will be fine you will just have to activate by phone!
  3. The disc will work fine, the only issue is the license key needed to activate Windows.
  4. Shouldn't the Dell have a secret partition with recovery files on it to reset to factory condition via the bios? I know both toshiba, hp and lenovo have it.
  5. Your machine may or may not have the OS on a hidden partition. If it does than that is the easiest way to restore the OS to factory new condition. OTOH it restores any bloatware at the same time. I did this with my daughter's Dell laptop. You can google "dell hidden partition" or some such thing and find instructions on how to do this.

    You can certainly reinstall from a generic CD and use the key that originally came with your OS. I did this with my own Dell laptop.
  6. Of course you can reinstall with the standard retial/OEM install disc. Only difference is you won't have all the Dell bloatware installed along with it. But if there is stuff you want back, just go to the dell support site and enter your machines service tag. It will list all the software and drivers for your machine which you can selectively download and install.
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