which mobo for a budget intel 478 setup?

I have an old Biostar 200T that's on its way out. both proprietary fans are loud as heck, one of the onboard fan connectors no longer work, and the PS never gave enough juice for my setup. I figure I'll slap everything else in another box and give the system a 2nd life. This'll keep me busy till the Conroes become more available. I have an old case and a decent power supply already. the chipset is an intel 865G socket 478 2.6 ghz , there's 1 gb of ram, and a 6800LE AGP also. Could someone recommend a mobo that'll fit the bill? thanks!
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  1. Asus P4S8X-MX Socket 478 motherboard

    Asus P4P800 SE Socket 478 motherboard

    Asus P4V8X-MX Socket 478 motherboard

    or some other Board Brand from Tiger Direct 478 Mother Board
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