7950 quad-sli versus x1900xt firestorm

i wonder if there are benches to see what the performance difdfernce between 2 x1900xt's and two 7950 cards are
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  1. im pretty sure the 2 7950s would win most benchys. 2 GPUs vs 4 GPUs. And Sli is more mature than crossfire. And the 7950 wins most of the time against a 1900xt.
  2. Do you know if there are the driver to enable 2x 7950 GPU?

    Hello... hello!!! yes or not ? Thank you.
  3. Quote:
    And Sli is more mature than crossfire.

    You can't say that anymore. Yes, SLI is older, but if depends on the cards you're using.
  4. There is no nvidia supported driver available for the 7950 in sli as of yet
  5. This is one of the reasons THG should have included ATI in their test
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