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Pentium 805D or Wait for Conroe E6300?

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July 18, 2006 3:44:43 AM

I've been thinking about building a new pc lately for application development. I have an old one at home:
AMD Duron Applebred 1.8Ghz 266FSB
Redfox M7VIG400 M/B
2x512MB DDR PC2100 Nanya CL2
80GB Seagate Barracuda 7200

I haven't mention yet that I live here in the Philippines. Right now, there is a wide availability of 805D's here. Current exchange rate at this time of writing is Php 52 = 1$.

Products here in the Philippines are usually outdated. Price cuts in the US and Europe don't reflect here. :x The majority of products here are single core old P4's and Athlons. Anyways, 805D is available here at a much cheaper price Php 6000. Conroe E6300 available here for pre-orders is about Php 11000. Conroe compatible mobos here are limited so I'm thinking about just getting an Asrock Twins 775 plus 805D or even Celeron 336(2.93 Ghz) and just use DDR400 since DDR2 533 is only available here. (no 667, 800 or 1066 speeds available) and so expensive as well compared to DDR400.

Planned Specs:
Intel Pentium 805D / Intel Celeron 336
2x1GB DDR400
Asrock Twins 775

What do you think?

Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

Please no Athlon 64 X2 suggestions since they are so expensive here. :) 

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July 18, 2006 4:05:52 AM

Electricity is also expensive here. I'm also considering a system that will not consume more than 300W on load.

I have no plans for overcloking right now. I'll just use the PC for Code Development, Web Graphics design and Video Encoding.
July 18, 2006 9:33:04 AM

Due to lower power requirements, performance increase, and OCing potential, I would wait for Conroe. You'll get a lot more for your money. At stock speeds, any Conroe can kill a stock 805. The 805 is an amazing over clocker but requires a high end mobo, RAM, and etc. A stock Conroe should meet or beat an OCed 805. Plus, Conroe seems to have good OCing potential on air cooling alone so you can crank out more juice if needed.

Also to the person worrying about power, Conroe is the best in power/performance. It is based on the Pentium M chip used in laptops which requires low power for battery life.