Wierd mouse problem

I have recently purchased a laser mouse .
model number :Laser Precise (1600 CPI)
manufacturer: iball
before this i had a MS basic optical mouse .The problem with the mouse is that is sort of lags in between or get hung in the center of the monitor when i drag it from left to right with a speedy movement (faster than normal movement) ,but this problem occurs only when it is connected to the usb port . When i use a USB to PS2 converter and connect it to the pc it works almost fine with no hanging .I even tried to increse the sampling rate in the control panel>mouse>and advanced setting in the hardware options ,but to my surprize there were no such settings when i connected it through the usb connector .So i further looked in the my computer>properties >hardware for the usb connector conflicts .The resources allocated to the usb connector were only 23% and for other ports is was 10% bandwidth allocated phew!.The problem still remains that why is there a lag or stopping of the mouse when connected through USB and not in PS2 connector .Please help me . if you need any more clarification do ask me
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  1. hey guys i found a solution it was to use a mouse rate switcher which reduced my response time to 4ms and can further reduce timings
    the link is
    do visit the link if you have the same problem .:)
  2. Hence why I would never buy anything but a Logitech mouse.
  3. I believe that hooking the mouse up thorugh the ps/2 port uses less CPU cycles than using the USB port. The USB offers a greater maximum sampling rate however. Why not just hook up the mouse through the ps/2 port?
  4. It’s because the bandwidth of the PS/2 is not in anyway close to that of USB. Which means when you plug a high performance mouse in to a PS/2 port that it will down sample what it is sending to the PC for example the 1600dpi mouse might only act at 400dpi when used via PS/2.

    And the problem with mouse acceleration is more a problem of quality than drivers.


    “In doing so the fastest "moves" in games will be realized with an acceleration of up to 20g”
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