Recovery of data help??

Hope some of you guys can give me some help.
I have had a hard drive start to fail on me and some of the system files for XP are damaged somehow. Not sure exactly what is damaged, but it will no longer boot and all it does is keeps restarting itself everytime windows starts to load.
I am hoping that most of my data is still in tact, only problem is I can't access it to back it up.
I've pulled out the drive and put it into another computer. Only problem is I cannot access the files in my own user ID in the directory C:\documments and settings\user ID
As the directory is restricted.
Either I need to find someway to break the security on the directory. Or I was thinking of reinstalling XP on the same hard drive, but I'm not sure if that just will overwrite the directory.
Any help would be most appreicated.
Hope that all made sense.
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  1. You can do a repair on the OS to allow it to boot up. However, what is happening or has happened that you are sure the drive is failing?Event logging? Before you start installing the OS be sure to check that no other hardware is failing, because there are numerous items that can cause a system to display symptoms you describe.

    Also have you tried just letting the drive boot while it's in the other system?
  2. was the user using a password to enter desktop ?

    try also entering in safe mode and login into the administrator account from ur working pc

    ps: if u have to make a format and reinstall make sure u use at least two partitons one for windows and the other for ur documents ( music videos pics etc)
  3. All you have is a problem of privatizing your files - you can change who "owns" the files if you have Windows XP Professional on the recovering computer by doing some fancy footwork (had to do this for someone else before).

    You MUST have Windows XP Professional on the computer you are trying to retrieve the data in order for this to work, as well as be logged in as an administrator user.

    Microsoft link to help

    This will allow you to pull your data, reinstall windows or repair it, then copy everything back.
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