weird powersupply question....?

K, so I have the Dell E510 system,,, and I wanna put a new videocard in there. buuut , of course the PS is only 300W so i need a new one too.

hers my problem:

every site that i go to, i look at the power supplies, and moost of them look similar to this:

but of course u know dell does weird powersupplies,,, this is what mine looks like:

so does anyone know of a way i can get more wattage!? or any powersupply that looks like that.
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  1. Well, i'm no expert but judging from the pictures the holes for the power supply i think would line up if you just take the enermax powersupply and visually flip it upside down it looks like the holes to mount it will be lined up correctly.

    You could also take a ruler an measure the placement of the screws and compare to the powersupply you want to purchase.

    Also, i bet your mobo accepts a 20 pin so i would check that the powersupply you has 20/24 pin adaptability
  2. please. scroll down just a big before u post next time.

    Any ATX power supply will go in. I recommend Antec Smartpower 500w. modular. cheap. good quality.

    modular really helps since dell cases are very cramped
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