CRT Monitor for a designer.

I'm looking for a CRT monitor around $100-200.

Any recommendation?
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  1. This one at newegg looks like your best bet, it has the highest resolution for a 19" CRT.
  2. i might consider that

    any more recommendation?
  3. Im using a viewsonic A91f+ its pretty good as far as I can tell :) I dont like LCD's so my choices at Best Buy where pretty limited when my old monitor blew up lol anyway I think it was around 250ish when I bought it so its probably cheaper now ?

    I couldnt find it on newegg but they did have these ones :)

    The thing I like about it (im not sure if other brands have this or not) there is this button you push and you can have 3 different custom settings for brightness and all that. I set mine up one for watching video's and one for at night and one for in the day time.
  4. I was looking for something like that at but they only had LCD off lease monitors. I got my 21" crt 2 years ago from off lease and it works great.
  5. you might try something from

    I got my 22" Trinitron for $160 with free shipping... They have some very good deals!

    They are used monitors... The one I got was Class A and it did not look used at all... 1 scratch on the Dell logo was it!
  6. why not get an lcd?
  7. Since your looking for a CRT for a designer I would look for one with a pretty high resolution and the lowest dot pitch you can find. The lower the number usually the sharper the picture and the better the picture quality. But not always, there are several mitigating factors. Either way start by looking for the lowest dot pitch you can find in your price range and if you have the oppurtunity take a look at the image quality yourself.
  8. Quote:
    why not get an lcd?

    The color quality is different.

    The average LCD is not as colorprecise as a CRT.

    In LCD if you view the monitor in different way the color changes.
  9. Yeah and also I belive you cant get a true black on lcd. I may be wrong though.
  10. yea no true blacks.

    But LCD are getting better in quality but still cant compare to CRT :D
  11. Quote:
    yea no true blacks.

    But LCD are getting better in quality but still cant compare to CRT :D

    Might want to look around on ubid and see if they have anything you like. I'm not sure if they still offer extended warranties, but it'd probably be worth getting one.

    Sometimes the stuff comes with free shipping and others don't. If you pay shipping, expect to pay $50.00.

    AFAIK, few if any make new monitors.

    If you can afford it, the Eizo is the way to go, but they're probably between and 1k and 2k
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