Dual Processor Core2 Duo Boards?

I, like most people here, was pretty excited to read the article here about Intel's new CPUs. I was especially excited because I'm a grad student in a computational lab, and my prof is looking into buying a new cluster. Seeing a new processor that was not only faster, but also runs cooler is very, very appealing, as getting space and air conditioning capacity are part of the reason why we don't already have said cluster. Anyway, are there any rumors or announcements about motherboards that will sport two (or more, I suppose) of these processors coming out in the relatively near future? A node with two of these would be quite appealing.
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  1. It's likely definately in the works... but I think you're looking more at commerical applications than you are consumer applications. They're also barely even supporting SLI or Crossfire yet, so if I were you, I'd wait a bit longer and let the market develop... Consumer boards are not what you're looking for.

    And anyhow, if I recall correctly, both AMD and Intel are announcing their Quad-core processors at Christmas... but maybe I heard wrong :P
  2. Not sure about the K8L from AMD, but Kentsfield from Intel is supposed to be out in January '07.
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