D805 system shut down due to PSU?

As everyone in the IT world is influenced by TH's d805 4.1g review. I decided to DO IT. so I brought everything from newegg or tiger and tried to overclock it. I AM SORRY if you think probably 10000 people has asked the same question, but i have read through everyone of them and none has the solution to my problem...

here is my rig.

gigabyte g1975x
geil ddr2 2x1gb 800mhz
2x300gb sata 7200rpm raid 0
silverstone tj06 case (returned the antec p180 cause its too small) (customized the wind tunnel so the tubbings will fit though it =)
2x120mm + 1x80mm all LED lights ... matches with the G1Turbo blue lights
silverstone Strider 600w 12v 18a 12v 20a eps PSU
1x dvd dl rw
koolance exo2 + koolance 305 3/8 water block
xfx 7900 gtx 512 ... not sure how to over clock the 7900gtx yet... still researching... =)

ok... anyways... computer turns on fine... in bios i changed the fsb to 205, i had to use 1.7 for vcore... but in the gigabyte bios f4 version, it has something called system mulipler clock or something, anyways, i had to set it to 1.5, it comes in 2,3.33,4,5 auto... anyways, the more i adjust it higer the higer ram's fsb reads out... please tell me if i am worng... anyways... Currently as i am writing to you, i am at 4101 vcore 1.7 and i am running the memory at 5-5-5-15... but whenever i tried to 3dmark06 or super pi, the system shuts off... is it my psu or is it my ram?

sorry guys, again, i am just a girl who likes to try cool stuff... please don't flame me or something cause THATS NOT COOL :wink:

p.s. i had a raidmax 630w psu i returned it and got the silver stone cause with the raidmax 630w i can't even go up to 3.8 without crashing...

p.p.s. this is my first overclock, this is also my first DIY, and this is also my first time writing on TG cause i am always scared that someone will tell me to JUST DO MORE RESEARCH... well i have =(

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE IN ADVANCE TO HELP ME OUT!!!!! THANKS!!! P.S. WHAT LCD SHOULD I BUY? i was looking at the 19" 2ms viewsonic... or should i get Widescreen?
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  1. have you locked the PCI buses? if they arent locked this can cause errors like crashing
  2. Thanks for reply!, how do i lock the pci bus or it is the pci-e bus? and to what value do i need to lock it to?
  3. right now... i just played some cs and the system seems fine... i ran SPEEDFAN on the vcore... this is what i found... core#1 doing arvage 1.6v up down 0.5 ... and core#2 is CONSTANLY at 1.9v <--how wierd... anyways... on CPUZ it says voltage 1.632 but sometimes changes to 1.648v core speed 4101, multiplier x20, fsb 205.1 bus speed 820.2
    the memory is at 153.8mhz, fsb:dram 4:3 , 5-5-5-15 bank cycle time 20

    on easy tune 5 it says 4100.76 + 48%

    cpu 205, voltage 1.7 ratio 20. memory 307.00 voltage 1.9 agp/pci-e nothing here... pci freq 33.00 <-- are you referring to this value?
  4. just for fun i just lowered the vcore from 1.7 to 1.6... but my system is still doing 1.7-1.5 v on cpu vid does this mean the PSU is not constant?
  5. push...
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