AM2CPU Bridge Card performance?

i found this website...
talkin about am2cpu bridge by asrock...
according to their benchmark,
it seems much better than what i thought it would be...
how do u guys think??

maybe i should get one later for my asrock dual sata2 sittin under my desk
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  1. I've never been a big fan of those EZ Upgrade boards from ASrock. Just get a real AM2 board like the Asus M2N-E if you want to upgrade to an AM2 system.
  2. dude that card if just for asrock upgrade series you have nothing to do with that
  3. As the Northbridge and Southbridge are connected via HTT (and the Northbridge is on the upgrade card) and Nvidia do an Intel chipset its a shame that Asrock could not provide an upgrade card that would enable the use of Conroe chips on the Daul Sata2!

    Now that would make for a nice upgrade path!
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