Hp625 cd-rom not reading any cds or dvds

i need some help repairing my dvd/rw it wont read any kind of cds or dvds please help wot can i do to fix the prob im useing a hp625 laptop and im runnig on windows7 home basic please if any one can help me drop me an email @ clement.smith@hotmail.co.za please im in need for help
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  1. Firstly try cleaning the lens with an air duster and a cloth, rub it VERY lightly.

    Failing that you most likely need a new drive on the system.
  2. Hi

    Try booting from a bootable CD or DVD to see if this is a hardware problem or a software (upper filter driver) problem

    (If you can boot from drive this is a software problem)

    (eg Windows operating system disk or some anti virus disks)

    Does the Device Manager show a DVD drive is present ?
    (if not either electronic fault in drive or data or power cable disconnected)


    Mike Barnes
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