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I bought and downloaded windows 7 pro with a student discount. I bought it for a new computer I've just built. I can't seem to figure out how to make it into a bootable disk. it says it's an ISO but it's actually an exe DLMWin7pro64US-ISO.exe. This is the last step before i'm finished with my build. I've tried using an old upgrade disk that I got for my laptop but it would never actually install. I installed ubuntu linux on it just fine so it's not a hardware problem.
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  1. take my advice for a grain of salt.

    its and ISO, but there is an .EXE attached.

    ISO's are typically the entire CD placed into it. So the .exe would actually be within the .ISO

    Have you tried burning the files onto a CD?
  2. no, I didn't think it would work. would it? what you said was kinda confusing
  3. since I already have a product key, I was just going to download an ISO and burn it and that should work fine.
  4. D/L Win 7
    Burn to CD

    Start computer
    hit "DEL"
    Go to BIOS
    BOOT DEVICE set to your CD Drive

    Restart again with CD in your Drive
    Should notice and ask if you wish to install.
  5. didn't even attempt to read the disk, even when I set it to boot from disk
  6. It cannot be the .EXE on the disk, but the .ISO in full.

    I believe the .exe can only be used in an actual Windows Desktop

    XP or Vista and it will ask to you if you wish to upgrade to windows 7

    You may not have t he proper file for a CD install.
  7. found an old xp disk and it's installing right now, i'll move the file to it once it's done and that should do it :)
  8. finally got it working the next day by downloading a win7 pro iso from microsoft and just used my key worked fine.
  9. The attached .exe that came with the download was there for in place upgrade scenarios. doing what you did by burning the ISO is the best way to install the OS for your new build.
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