Amp to go with new speakers? have just started selling the Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3 Speakers see here. They look like an awesome set of speakers and so Im thinking of buying them to replace my current set of altec lansing 641's. The problem is that these speakers require an amp and I have no idea what to look for in a home theatre amplifier or where to get them for that matter. Ive run google searches and found a very limited number of amps that are either really really expensive and do a load of stuff I dont need or dont have enough power.

What I want is a surround sound (4 channel) amp that can provide 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms as well as having a low pass filter for a sub woofer. Any one know where I could find something like this?
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  1. Everyone I know buys their Hi-Fi gear from Richer Sounds, it's mostly end of line equipment but even the latest models are at the lowest prices. They'll let you try out combinations of Speakers, Amps, Players and Interconnects with your own CDs (or whatever you use)
    I'd even suggest that they sell much better value speakers too
    Take a butchers:
  2. Cheers man, there is a store in earling which is fairly near me so I might pop down some time and check it out. All the amps they show on the web site only push about 100watts, the speakers I have been looking at require about u reckon this was a problem? I was always told that its best to have an over powered amp rather than an underpowered one.
  3. If you go to Richer Sounds then chances are you'll walk out with a Cambridge A1 Mk3. They're good sounding and cheap.
  4. 100 Watts per channel, and I mean a true 100 Watts RMS (not PMPO or whatever way PC speaker manufacturer's currently exaggerate power ratings) is going to be very loud and if it's being used in a reasonably sized room the clarity of the sound is more important than a bit more potential power.
    If you do need it to be extremely loud then it's best to test out the speakers with the amplifier you plan to use to see if they clip or distort at higher volumes, all of the Wattage figures are the maximum possible rather than what's actually listenable.
    You can annoy your neighbours quite easily with a 30W amp and some reasonable speakers, I'd seriously recommend you listen to the kit before buying as no technical spec on paper will reproduce what your ears will tell you.
  5. Quote:
    If you go to Richer Sounds then chances are you'll walk out with a Cambridge A1 Mk3. They're good sounding and cheap.

    LOL, I know I did. :lol: Less than £100 for a great quality amp that's been going strong for 5 years. (touch wood)
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