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I have just upgraded from vista home premium to windows 7 professionalon my samaung q45 laptop. After upgrade function keys for screen brightness and volume don't work anymore. In addition I cannot locate or run office 2007 suite
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  1. If you upgraded from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Win 7 then all 32 bit programs will be found in the folder Program Files (x86). If this is the case (you haven't been specific) it may well screw up the file paths and therefore Registry Entries.
  2. Look on Samsungs website for a keyboard driver update. Your probably using a generic keyboard driver.

    You can't locate Office 2007? Did you seardch for it?
  3. Did you do an in-place upgrade or a clean install?
  4. Most likely a clean install, and it was preloaded on the laptop.

    Find your office 2007 disk and reinstall it.
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