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Friend of mine needs a new graphics card(x1300 was DOA, got his money back though) and needs to know one, within 3 days. He has come to the conclusion between the x1800GTO for 198.99 or the 7600GT CO Superclocked edition for 174.99 He can only purchase from becuase thats who refunded his money. Im saying the x1800GTO, but i want to see what you guys think. Thanks.
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  1. This would be a good start, especially if you know what games they intend to play:
  2. My friend plans to play COD2, Bf2,CS series, HL series, FEAR, etc. Mostly a lot of FpS. He will be upgrading to DX10 and Vista when they both come out, so this card is just to hold him over for now.
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