A8N32-SLI and Seagate Barracuda 200GB SATA problem

Having just major upgraded to the A8N32-SLI along with a Seagate Barracuda 200GB SATA HDD, i've encountered a problem whereby all the drive does it spin up all the time and isn't detected in the bios (ver 1205).

Did the drive arrive D.O.A or does the motherboard need some readjustment doing?

I've noticed that this mobo does seem to be a bit twitchy.

Any help wolud be welcome.
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  1. The mobo shouldn't need any tuning, I just added a SATA HDD to the same mobo last week and it detected fine. Have you checked to see if its detected in the device manager too, assuming you use windows?
  2. nothing shows up in device manager and bios which is a bit worrying, going to try and external SATA adapter and plug it into the silicon external SATA plug to see if it picks it up that way.
  3. And you've tried using a different SATA cable and plugging it into different SATA channels?
  4. tried all cables that came with mobo and different power cable plus all SATA channels and still no joy. hopefully hooknig up the drive via the external SATA connection will reveal some information.
  5. The only thing you can do is try a different computer. That will eliminate the motherboard. Also another way is to buy a new hard drive from bb or cc or somewhere and just try it out. if it works you know the problem is the new hd, if it doesn'tyou know its the motherboard. also those stores have good return policy, I wouldn't recommend telling them why you are buying it though .
  6. I'm not sure if this mobo is the same but...

    Sometimes there is an extra SATA RAID "bios" which will come up just after or during the POST. It may say something like "Press ALT-F" or similiar.

    This mini "bios" usually controls the 3rd-party raid/sata chip. If its there you may have to enable a single drive raid to get it to work.

    I would have hoped that an A8N32-SLI would have done away with this kind of SATA system but its worth having a look.

    If the mobo does have these settings it might be easier to move the sata cable to another connector on the motherboard, maybe in the other block of connectors.


    P.S. I looked at a picture of your mainboard, are you plugging the sata cable into one of the 4 black connectors, or the lonely red one. It should be in the black ones as I understand.
  7. Thanks for everyone's help, I definitely think the hard drive was D.O.A as tried it with a friends pc and you can here it spinning but is not being detected (i've noticed this HDD gets very hot) going back today.
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