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Well this Directx 10 which would be released is gonna going to create a panic among the people intensely.Well the people who have buyed graphic cards or gonna going to buy have a fear that what would happen when Directx 10 would be released for vista.The games would be then made compatible with the Directx10 and thus resulting in the extinction of the Directx9.

Please even help me in this matter.I am goona going to buy a 7600gt or ati's x1800gto.
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    This is a link to part 4 in a series on DX10. Read all the parts and you'll be pretty much up to speed. There is no need to panic about DX10, or even not having it the day it comes out. However, I personally think it would be a bad idea to buy anything more than a midrange (7600) card this late in 2006.

    I happen to still be on a Athlon 2800+ with an AGP X1600 Pro, and 1.5GB of system RAM. That's plenty for games this year though not at the max settings. I'm rebuilding to PCI-e in early 2007 after the DX10's are out and this years CPU prices drop.
  2. I agree with the above poster... buying a high-end graphics card at this point in the game would be pointless as DX10 would make you regret that purchase... just get something good enough to play games for the next year (mid-range $200 cards) and you'll be able to ditch that card without much regret and move on to a DX10 card.
  3. Taken from the recent Tom's article...says it all, no need to add anything...
    ...The GeForce 7600GT can be had for as little as $150 and as much as $185, depending on the make and model. The XFX GeForce 7600GT we reviewed retails for about $175. This is clearly a midrange value card. Those looking to do some gaming on a limited budget can find excellent value in the GeForce 7600GT...our sweet spot for the Nvidia GeForce 7 series is the 7900GT. It gives the best overall experience for enthusiast gamers at the lowest relative cost. Many people think of Vista and DirectX 10 now, but The best gaming you will have for the time being is with the cards that are on the market now. If you are sitting on the fence you should not only consider what you are saving by waiting for the next great card, but also the cost of missing out on what you could experience now.

    Good luck!
  4. Here's my reply to a similar thread:


    1. When is DX10 suppose to be coming out ??

    When Windows Vista comes out. DX10 will not be supported in Windows XP.


    2. Would a 7900GT card not be able to play DX10 stuff, with a bios/driver update, surely it must.

    Any current DX9 card should be able to play a DX10 game because those games will also be compatible with DX9. It will be a few years before DX9 support is dropped. Support for DX8.1 has only recently started to drop. Oblivion is a prime example, you must have a DX9 card to play (but there are hacks to get a DX8.1 card to play Oblivion).

    But other recent games still supports DX7 cards. Star Wars Empire At War is an example. I loaded the demo onto my IBM T40 laptop with an integrated Radeon 7500 IGP just for the hell of it. It is definitely playable, but [it] looks better on a DX9 GPU (naturally).

    Support for DX9 cards will [not] begin to die until DX11 becomes available or is announced. Therefore, a 7900GT or X1900XT will last you a few years, or until you decide they are too slow for your "needs".

    Getting new hardware is great, and sometimes it's not. nVidia GeForce FX series was the first DX9 cards released. However, they turned out to be really, really bad at DX9 games. Basically the GeForce FX series was the worst product ever inflicted onto gamers. I think the Radeon 9700 had some intial problems too, but that could have just been rumors.


    3. When should i update my rig, not bothered if its 2,6 or 9 months ?

    Update your rig whenever you think the performance is no longer good enough for you. Upgrade to either the AM2 Athlon or Conroe. Conroe performs better, but if you hate Intel then go for Athlon. The longer you wait the more likely a more powerful CPU model will come out. If you can wait until Q3 2007, then maybe by then the Athlon K8L desktop CPU will come out. The 45nm Conroe CPUs should be out by Q3 2007, until Intel runs into problems.
  5. Quote:
    The games would be then made compatible with the Directx10 and thus resulting in the extinction of the Directx9.

    While it is true that eventually all windows games will be DX10 compatible, it is going to take a while before that starts showing up. Why? Because market share grows, it doesn't happen overnight. It is going to take at least a year for vista to have any kind of market share at all.

    And consider that probably 95% of games being made right now are being made in DX9, and that will continue throughout this year. Just get yourself a 76/7900GT and play some games.
  6. Yes but ...

    1. what if (heaven forbid!) Windows Vista doesn't ship on time because of technical problems or lawsuits and is set back several months?

    2. What if DirectX 10 turns out to have problems in practice that require months to sort out?

    3. What if the DirectX 10 games you want to play aren't on the market before 2008?

    4. What if the DirectX 10 video cards have crippling power requirements or other technical problems along with their amazing performance?

    Just a thought.
  7. If you (not to anyone in particular, just in general) keep waiting for new technology to come and then make a purchase; you will be waiting forever.

    That said I agree with the earlier poster that anything more than mid range would be money being blown away.
  8. Well i have the windows vista beta 1 when i installed on my pc it was just like a mess for me.Then i reinstalled Windows Xp on it and it gave me a relief and the win vista perfectly would be released and god knows whether we could run the old applications on it.Then the matter comes that should i buy a card or not.When i bought the nvidia geforce mx440 which supported directx8 games,i ran my directx9 games on it.It didi'nt gave the best perfoemance but i played at least welly on that card.By the way later on i bought the fx series card.but this nvidia 7600gt was one of the best contender in the mid range graphic cards.I play games at mid resoulutions but want eye candy so i preffered up this card. 8)
  9. For those of you who rememeber DirectX 9.0c was released in 2004 (Jun) I think. Back then none of the graphics card supported it, except the newest. Games were bundling it, but it did not make a difference because DirectX was backwards compatible.
    Of course games like DOOM3 and FarCry benefit from it but it did not mean older cards could not run the games.

    Conclusion, it will be a while before DX 10 is really needed, and Vista is still gonna run on a X700 or 6600, and probably even a Intel integrated graphics card.
  10. Well this created a panic in me but i think that i should lose my afraid coz the new upcoming Graphic cards they have a support for the Windows Vista(i took a look on the sites)
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