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I currently have a gigabyte 6800 ultra, is it ok to SLI that with say a BFG 6800 ultra or other brand?
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  1. and does it affect anything if the GPU on one is overclocked and not the other?
  2. The latest drivers from NVidia allow cross over from maker to maker as long as the core is the same and it has the same number of pipelines. So yes two 6800 Ultra's from two different companies can be used in SLI.

    I would suggest taking the OC off until you have SLI running then OC them together.
  3. Like Waylander said, newer driver allow to mix up brands and clock speeds, but the GPU has to be same type. Any two 6800Ultras will work fine.
  4. Thanks guys for the answers, now I just need to decide if its worth the $$$ :lol:
  5. How much will you be paying for the second 6800Ultra?
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