SATA RAID Problem with Asus P5B

OK everything is setup nicely

However - I can not get the JMB36X raid controller to find two disks

If I have the CD linked to the IDE connection then it only shows the CD Drive in the list

I have 4 SATA and a JMicron SATA Controller SATA connections - if I put a hard disk SATA connected to the JMicron connection it finds one disk - I can not get it to identify any others therefore can not make RAID

Any suggestions?
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  1. What does the manual say? Have you been through every setting in the BIOS to make sure it's set for the right mode? Did you then access the RAID chips own BIOS-style interface to make the mirror/stripe?

    I've only ever bothered with the Intel RAID. It gave me no problems at all. You access the Intel interface and setup the stripe. Then you need to set the BIOS to RAID mode for that particular chip.

    I'm waiting to get the Deluxe version of this board because I'm dependent on the Intel RAID now as my hard disks are striped.
  2. I'm having the problem that I have a new P5B (non deluxe) and that I cannot make a RAID with 2 or 4 disks.
    It's said that I can with 1 SATA and 1 eSATA but not with 2x SATA ports

    Can someone tell me the way to follow?

  3. Hello Starskydad,

    I've the same problem (also p5B non deluxe),

    Connected one Hd to the raid , and the other (identical) one on sata 1 , and only one disc shows up in the Jmicron utility,
    So you can do nothing because the utility says there is only one disc found.

    Tried to flash bios > did not help.
    Tried jumpers to limit to 1.5gb/s (my discs are 3gb/s) > did not help

    so...... ?

    Did you find out wat the problem was ?
  4. I'm looking to buy this motherboard and use RAID, and after searching for a solution to this problem, the only offer I have is to use the external SATA connector, as it is hte only other connector the manual offers as a RAID port.
  5. i bought this M/B yesterday and i have the same problem .i try to use the external connection but i need differant plug !!!!! the M/B is the best but is yoy want to set RAID it sucks
  6. Quote:
    OK everything is setup nicely

    However - I can not get the JMB36X raid controller to find two disks

    If I have the CD linked to the IDE connection then it only shows the CD Drive in the list

    This is why I want to get a motherboard with the ICH8R southbridge. Is there any way to disconnect the eSATA port so you can connect the 2nd hard drive internally? Another possible solution is to get the right cable (eSATA to SATA), and somehow loop the cable connected externally back inside the case through one of the cutouts or by removing one of the PCI brackets and using that opening.
  7. i called asus and asked them about that, seems there isnt serial ATA raid on that board per se, there is IDE Raid, which is retarded and pointless. but the only way to get raid with 2 drives either raid 0 or 1 is by using that external E-sata port and that black one on the mobo because it uses that raid chipset like that black one does, stupid huh? whats even better is that board doenst even come with a esata cable, and those costs 10-15 dollars online and they are called I to L cables (meaning I being esata and L being just normal sata). i just ordered that cable ill let you know how it goes
  8. Before you try that, Go into BIOS and change the Jmicro controller to RAID, when I do that, I lost my IDE channel and the optical drive. If you can find a solution to this problem then a more elegant solution is to use a esata multiplier board $80-$120) that will give you 4-5 sata connector and you can run RAID from there. My solution, I just said the hell with it and went and bought a SIIG PCI-E 2 chanel RAID card for %70 and dropped it in.
  9. Hi Guys,
    Have any of you managed to get RAID working using an e-Sata to Sata-1 cable? I bought the cable and tried to setup RAID but the the HD connected to the e-Sata cable is not recognised.
    Can you help?
  10. If you have a P5B (Non-Deluxe, Non-Plus, Non-E) the only way that you can get the RAID to work with SATA drives is with 1 SATA (Plugged into the SATA Connector near the CMOS Battery and 1 eSATA(THE PINOUT IS DIFFERENT THEN A SATA CABLE) drive (BOTH SAME SIZE AND MAKE/MODEL is HIGHLY recommended) and the JMicron JMB363 set to RAID in the BIOS (IF YOU DO THIS you WILL LOOSE YOUR IDE Channel). So you need a SATA CD/DVD Drive plugged in to the other SATA Connectors.

    OR you can make a RAID 0 or 1 with 2 IDE drives on the JMicron JMB363. But again you will need a SATA CD/DVD drive.

    IF you do use the JMicron JMB363 RAID do not forget to put the drivers on a floppy and press F6 in the XP install.

    Edit: This is the dumbest design ever!

    I would recommend that "IF" you want to use RAID with a P5B get the P5B-E, P5B-Plus, or P5B-Deluxe. Then use the Intel RAID.

  11. I have always had the greates respect regaring Asus and their products, but this one is hard to digest...

    I would recommend staying the h**ck away from Asus and their products. This design points to a great lack of competence in Asus' crew.

    Only one thing I can imagine being positive with this design is enhanced cooling effect on the external disc, and therefore also cooler inside the computer... But who would think of designing a Raid controller which demands you keep one disc outside of the computer, in an external hard drive cabinet, and the other on the inside of the computer!?!

    What if something happened to one of them, for example if the external disc lost its power? Then you loose your partition, and the chance of this happening with this (surprisingly stupid) design is enormous... One could almost suspect someone inside Asus' crew were acting as a saboteur.....

    I made two Raptor 10k rpm discs work in Raid0 (striping) mode, by connecting one disc to the inside (black) s-ata connector, and the other outside in a s-ata cabinet. But the problem is that this lousy s-ata raid controller can not keep up the speed, and if you try to listen to a mp3 file or watching a movie, it snaps and cracks (also sounds like a broken oldschool record) every 5-10 seconds... It seems like the whole computer freezes for a quarter of a second each time, while the crappy s-ata controller struggles loading from the discs/raid set.

    I have used a lot of time this weekend, trying to make this work, trying a lot of workarounds, until I suddenly felt like I was working for Asus on my spare time... So I decided it is a lot easier to give the crap back to the computer store, getting the money back, and finally visit another store bying a REAL motherboard with a REAL raid controller made by a REAL manufacturer...

    /me signing off the crappy world of Asus :-)

    Best regards,

    Sveinung Rørvig
  12. You all know that RAID support was just implemented on the P5B for the sticker on the box, right? The P5B is a lower cost Motherboard, and you expect the raid to be any good? Basically all raid implemented on a motherboard is not going to be good, and in this case it's horribly setup as it seems to have been an afterthought.

    If you want raid, then get a good raid card, they usually start out at ~$300.

    @ srorvig, thats something seriously wrong with your computer, if you get that sort performance when playing an mp3 or Movie. heck even watching Divx movies on an old P3 500 off a CD is smooth.
  13. Yup, I know something is wrong.... The buggy motherboard card from Asus. And if they advertise Raid, it should at least work. I was not planning to use it in a critical server, but I have been running Raid0 on the last 4 motherboards in my personal computer, and it has worked just fine. It is the same when you buy a pair of shoes, wether they are cheap or not you expect them to atleast contain soles and strings and those basic things... I don't buy a server raid card worth 6-700 USD when a ordinary middle range (or low cost) is enough... If the motherboard had been even cheaper and the IDE controller wasn't working, you would think that also was ok? I understand your point of view, but we shouldn't think it is ok when paying for something that doesn't work.
  14. Have you tried an HD benchmark like HDTune or HDTach? I still don't see how it could be that slow, even if it really is limited by the hard drive on that controller.

    Maybe it's faulty board that needs to be RMA'd?

    I know that expecting the basics to work is a given, but RAID isn't available on every board is isn't seen as a standard. That and you might as well do RAID through the OS considering the quality of cheap software driven raid controllers.
  15. I've removed the raid0 and installed WIndows XP on one of the Raptor 326GB 10.000 RPM discs, and now it is working just fine.

    So I'll just have to forget the raid controller, and with the raid disabled, the card is actually not so bad. It would actually be worth the money if they had sold it without the raid controller, but it's irritating knowing I had to use 10-15 hours on this...
  16. i have p5b and set a raid0 successfully with esata cable.
    but the performance is not impressive. but i would say it is a good board because of its low price.

    i also connected 2 ide drives, and they appeared in the list of Jmicron utility in bios. however, it won't let me create a raid array and keep saying not enough drive.
  17. I bought the Asus P5B from a guy, not knowing exactly what I am getting.

    I have purchased 2X1TB Raid disks and am trying to set it up. I want Raid 0 but it seems to be very difficult.

    Could you please help me understand what I need to do?

    Is it possible to set up Raid 0 and if so how?

    I hear you talking about eSata and stuff... is this really neccessary and how can I get around the eSata and use two internal instead?

    Thanks in advance / Jennifer
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