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Hi I hope someone can help,

I have a 60gb SSD which I am presently using as my WIndows 7 boot drive, all of my picture documents and prgrams are all located on a separte SATA 2tb drive within my system.

I now wish to upgrade my boot drive as I have run out of memory. Is there a way in which to do this without to that the new SSD drive to be installed will recognise all my preexisting programs and documents on the SATA. I really do not want to to have to uninstall all my programs on the SATA and then re install when I have installed my new SSD boot up drive.

Thanks in advance

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  1. take an image using some backup utility like acronis and copy that to your 2tb hdd
  2. fowang,

    Thanks for you reply, however, I don't want to copy windows onto the program/my documents hard drive I wish to copy it onto a new larger SSD boot drive, any ideas?
  3. Same as fowang said, create an image of the SSD and restore the image to whatever drive/SSD you want.
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