FAT32 partition in NTFS?

hi there, PARTITION QUESTION for any experts, i was trying to do this http://www.llamma.com/xbox360/mods/USB%20Hard%20Drive%20Mod.htm

Where you use a USB2 HD instead of the official one, but my hard drives are all formatted in NTFS and I need FAT32 to make it work. I was wondering if there was any way to add an extra FAT32 partition in a pre formatted NTFS drive without reformatting the whole lot. Will i need Partition magic or something like that, or can it be done through Windows?

ta very much
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  1. It depends on whether or not the NTFS partitions take up the entire disk. If they do, you will need a tool (Partition Magic, gparted livecd, etc.)

    If not, you can use windows create a FAT32 partition with the remaining space (up to 32 GB)
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