I want to get a 17" or 18" LCD panel. I have a nvidia ge 3 ti500 video card in my computer. Everywhere I look I find conflicting reports. I got a 17.4" Planar and I think my 15" analog Samsung is superior. The Planar's going back. If you look at the specs the Planar is outstanding...brightness, contrast, speed, etc. I also noticed that there wasn't a huge difference between analog and digital performance. Do I need a monitor with dual interface?
How come if I read test reports in different magazines there are vastly conflicting reviews on the identical product? How much contrast is really necessary...200:1, 300:1, 400:1? What about brightness, 200cm, 225cm, 250cm?
I don't imagine that anyone has the luxury of looking at 20 different monitors at the same time to do a proper "A-B" comparison, except the people that write magazine reviews. But then, if Viewsonic advertises more (eg)...they get a better review. Where does one go to get an honest opinion and where can I go to get the best monitor at the best price with no regrets?
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  1. hehe, contrast wise, I set my TFT7020 to 50, and brightness to 20! The Ti500 r known to have isues w/ LCD and ghosting though... BTW, today I got to do a side by side comparison of my freind's 15" Dell FP1503 LCDF (in analog mode, 45ms response time, 300:1 contrast and 200 brightness, 100/80 degree viewing angle 15") with my TFT7020, and boy did his look better for some reason! I even tried his Ati vid card over my Quadro DCC, but the TFT7020 still didn't look as good. This was especially noticeable in scrolling text on THG- my TFT7020 tends to fuzz things and make em lighter, even when scrolling slowly- on his things stayed pretty damn readable till I scrolled made fast. Very odd. Then same thing with the mouse on all sorts of color backgrounds! This is pissing me off- luckily they r letting me return my tft7020...

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  2. You must be a curse for LCDs flame. I don't know why you have so many problems.

    My 7020 is still working beautifully and really beats the pants off of other LCDs I have worked with. My 17" viewsonic professional series CRT is sitting in the corner as I type this. I wouldn't go back if someone paid me!

    Also, I leave my brightness at 55 and contrast at 65. What is wrong with your eyes? Heh.
  3. I have my brightness at 100 and contrast at 75, I think everything looks fine.
    You guys just need to get out of your houses more often. I know I know the light is bright but the sun won't hurt you...honest....at least not to bad

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  4. Um, looking at the sun isn't good for your eyes. I do get outside often, even have 3 300 watt lamps in my room! My eyes really do like darker images though, but then again I have some sick nightvision:) It's not necessarily that I have problems w/ LCD, just that I really know what to look for, and my eyes can pick up a lot of stuff that most people won't (I can see refresh rates even at 120Hz!). Thus, I'm waiting a year to see what'll happen.

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  5. I was in a similar situation to you in that I wanted to get an LCD and did not know much about it other than prices. After investigation quite a bit, and on some recomendations (albiet spurious) here, I got a Compaq TFT7200.

    A big concern of mine was dead pixels, ghosting, and color quality, which has plagued LCDs since their inception. I was VERY worried about this purchase, but Compaq had a 14 day no-questions-asked return policy and with the high recomendations here I decided to take the dive. If it were bad, I could simply send it back.

    I tried numerous LCDs at stores and while most of them realistically looked pretty good, I couldn't really compare the ghosting with the applications I felt would put them under stress. That being said, every single application that I have thrown at the TFT7200 has not produced ghosting or color issues. Additionally, my LCD came with NO dead pixels which made me very happy. I use 2 computers at the same time, and one computer uses a Samsung 955DF 19" monitor while the other uses my TFT7200 (DVI connected). I find that the images produced by the TFT7200 are very high quality and comparable to the Samsung. The Samsung does seem to have a finer detail, but I believe that what I'm seeing is the difference of LCDs vs. CRTs. I am totally happy with my purchase. This LCD has not let me down under any circumstances.

  6. BTW, the 19" Samsung has about the same viewing size as the TFT7200s 14.7", which I hadn't realized. The screen is basically the same viewing size as a 19" CRT! It's really large.

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