Looking to sell Multiprocessor Workstation

Intel D865PERL
P4 3.4 Ghz w/HT
2GB RAM (PC 3200)
80GB Raptor (10,000RPM HD)
250GB WD (7200RPM HD)
128MB 9800Pro ATI Video Card (All-In-Wonder)
SB Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro Sound Card
NEC Dual-Layer DVD burner (8x)
Sony 52x CD-Burner (DVD-ROM)

Raidmax Scorpio 668 Case (with EIGHT FANS)
450W PSU

Used for gaming and High-Definition Video Editing. PROFESSIONALLY ASSEMBLED, not one problem EVER. Best computer I have ever owned. Don't need all the power anymore, will sell for best reasonable offer.
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  1. Umm.....what makes this a 'Multiprocessor' workstation?
  2. the HT technology.
    Im sure he meant to say:
    "looking to sell a virtual multiprocessor workstation"

    Actually, his mobo is dual socket which makes it multiprocessor capable.
  3. I looked on Intel's site and with the D865PERL you only get 1 (one) mPGA 478 socket.

    Your first assumption was correct by process of elimination. 8)
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