Vid card advice and PCIe question

Ok I know this is probally a redundant thread but I can find what I'm looking for in the first few pages on the forums. (Ok I didn't look that hard Sorry)

Ok I am in the next few months probally going to be building a new pc I have a thread or 2 open to that effect. I am wondering what would be a good vid card for aroun 130 to 200 (max and it better kick a$$) I know both ATI and nVidia will put out alot of heat and draw a lot of voltage (I know thats general) I really have no prefrence either way brand wise looking for something that will give good performance and not very high res I only have a 17" CRT looking at around max res of 1024x768. Both card do somethings better than the other Im just looking for overall performance. What do you guys and gals (I'm sure there are a few of you here. LOL) have in mind?

The second question which II'm sure is kind of stupid is this. Will most PCI cards run on a PCIe bus. I have a SoundBlaster Live! Platinum I plan on keeping unless I can get something better for pretty cheap or it wont work under PCIe. I have no real reason to upgrade to a new one at the moment since it has pretty good sound quality through my Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 speakers. From what I have read it shouldn't be a problem unless I have got bad info but im sure yall probally have experience and info I don't and I'm just curious.

Oh and this will all be running on a Core2Duo system, not sure which mobo yet want to wait a few months to check out stability and get some of the bugs worked out before I drop $$ on a new system.
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  1. Ok I am stupid I forgot to put this in me origonal post, but what if any difference is there between a single-wide card and the double-wide cards (god I feel like im talking about a mobiel home) other than the obivous size diff. Do the double-wide cards cool better or draw more voltage or is it just a design thing. I have seen basically the same card in both formats.
  2. I managed to get a used X850XT with a Zalman cooler on it(the better copper one, no less!) for $200 on Ebay. That's probably the best deal out there in the $200 and under category. It's fast and quiet.
  3. Nice find. It's roughly the same price after shipping, which IS a good deal. My cooler is the slightly fancier one, though:

    But it should run about the same.

    This card is fast, make no mistake. NVidia's newest AGP release today proves that AGP isn't dead by a long shot.
  4. the inquiorer reviewed a pci=e to pci adapter recently... calling it a useless peice of crap or something.... i dont remember, but it should be on the first page. It only accepts half hight cards, but you should be able mod your case a little to make it work

    as for the vid card... look at tom's interactive vga charts, to see what cards make acceptable framerates for the games and resolution you use.

    and I'm not flaming, but its easyer to use the search button at the top of the page, then to look through the pages of forum one by one!!

    good luck!!!
  5. Thanks yeah I had a bit of a brain fart when I was searching for other threads on this topic. I have checked out the interactive VGA charts but it does have kind of a limited selection of games which is ok except I dont own any of the games on the list. LOL I think the newest game I own is Battlefield 2
  6. you can look on other sites too. just google " xfavorite gamex benchmarks xpossible cardx", you'll be supprised whats out there
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