Anandtech says they ran Conroe on nforce4... MY board... ???

Okay, I was over and read here that the ASUS p5n32 sli deluxe SE supports Conroe

I have the ASUS p5n32 sli deluxe...

I have looked on newegg, and no mention of an SE anywhere

the picture they supplied of the board they used to run Conroe, which is here , says on it "p5n32 sli deluxe

I have read about the SE board that has a nvidia 5xx chipset... but they CLEARLY STATE on their site that THIER BOARD HAD NFORCE$ 16x!!!

My board has that chipset

I opened my case, and it looks(as far as i can tell... I have a big typhoon CPU cooler... so about half of the board is hidden

the big question...


If it does, I will break down crying infront of my monitor... and have wet dreams about all the fun I can have with conroe on my current board!!! (i cant afford a new board.... I'm waiting untill kentsfeild if conroe wont work)

Also, if my board doesnt work, I read on annother thread in here... dont remember where.... that a board could be physically modifyed to make a conroe work. The guy was instantly flamed... but do any of you know if that is a possibility??? I'm tossing my board anyways once i upgrade....

I appreciate you gupys help and input!!!!!!

(i'll be checking this thread every five minutes... I really cant stand not knowing)

but... (the dreded but) is there a certain revision number??? or did anandtech mess up?? I have heard everywhere that nforce4 doesnt support conroe... idk.. there is a war raging in my head... and i really hope it will end up with a nice new E6600 without a new mobo!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. In that article they say "The differences between the two boards are of course compatibility for the Core 2 Duo series" as well as "The basic features and layout of the ASUS P5N32-SLI SE remain nearly the same as the original board." So it's a different board.

    I kind of doubt that you'd be able to mod a board, from the way I understood what I've read, the voltage regulation system has to be different than current mobo's.
  2. Thats what i thought at first, but there is no "se" version being sold anywhere, and they reference one that uses the 5xx chipset, however they CLEARLY STATE that they are using nforce4 16x

    At the grey bar at the top they also name the board as having no "se"

    I've read the article through many times, perhaps too many... my visions starting to get fuzzy... and am looking for someone who can tell me some information that is NOT listed on the site.. if possible

    However, wanderingbard, I truely appreciate your speedy responce, and your reply is starting to push my towards what i know is true..... but REALLY dont want to admit
  3. The board Anand Tech tested is the SE. The regular delux won't support Conroe. Zipzoomfly lists it but they don't have it yet.

    I think the new board supplies a lower vcore for the Conroe but is the same in every other way just like only certain revisions of the Intel 975 boards are Conroe comaptiable.
  4. arg... thanks for the post.... not what I wanted to hear, but its nice to know

    Now I have to put up the glow-sticks and jelly bellys and cancel my Conroe party..,,

    I saw on annother thread a guy swapped out his power coils because they got corroded or something. If i swapped out my coils, would I be able to reduce the vcore so I would be able to support conroe???

    or are there any bios mods that i could make/use/find
  5. I don't know about that. I think it's the boards voltage regulator that needs to be swaped out. I not totaly sure but I thought Conroe only used a vcore of 1 volt or something. My Asus sli intel board only goes dow to like 1.2 volts so it would colud never support that chip. Even if the regulator went that low the bios would also have to support it. I'd just wait a few months and see what Nvidia releases for the Conroe. If its as popular as it seems it is going to be they will be sure to get into that market quick.
  6. i looked it up, conroe uses a vcore of 0.8, and mine also only goes down to about 1.2

    I'm not really sure what i should do with conroe... I want to just get a reall yinexpencive board, but i also want to be doing alot of overclocking. anyways, thats a question for google in about four months.

    thanks for your help. i never go on zipzoomfly, so i wouldnt have found that. you've been a great help
  7. Your system looks pretty stout. You shouldn't have to upgrade until at least next year. In the mean time just sit back and wait to see what comes out and maby even the prices will drop a little.
  8. thats disgusting

    saying something is "fast enough"... I'm disappointed

    when i'm encoding a move, cd, editing a pic in photoshop, chatting on aim, posting on toms hardware, playing music, downloading stuff from limewire, and messing around in acid...... everyonce in a while it wil lag for about half a second. that is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! yes, i will pay a few hundred dollars to save myself a half second of time... who wouldnt??

    lol, I'm just messing. I probably wont upgrade untill christmas when i can get stuff for free...... *I <3 family*

    anyways, I do need to upgrade, but only from a noise standpoint. my xfinity sounds like the space shuttle, and need to buy a raptor for the OS and suspend it from rubber bands (really cuts down on noise, the case acts like a speaker, and amplifyes the sound. suspending it from rubber bands cuts down the vibration)

    thanks for the stout comment.... you can say i have nice eyes, car, shoes, clothes, whatever. but comments about my computer always bring a tear to my eye...*sniffle*
  9. I have the same problem with my PSU. I just bought an OCZ GamerXStream 600W Power Supply from zipzoomfly today for 119.99 with shipping. It also has a $12 mail in rebate. I had one of their modstreams in my AMD system and that big 120mm fan was pretty quiet. It looks pretty good for $108, I hope it is as quiet as my last OCZ cause this one I got now sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
  10. let me know how it works! right now i'm torn between a thermaltake toughpower (140mm fan) and a seasonic. if anyone has owened any of these, let me know!!! I havent seen any benchmarks that compare the toughpower to any other psu for sound, and i cant compare review to review because there are so many other factors
  11. i read on some thread that some of the boards can be modded to support conroe... i think i read it at extremeoverclocking or something. I am not sure but maybe if you just research some more you can... anyway good luck
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