New Nvidia drivers, where are my overclock options?

I just installed the drivers from about a month ago (the new looking NView driver) and I can't find a clock frequency setting. I re-downloaded and installed Coolbits but still nothing. Anyone know how I can get my overclocking options back? Besides rolling back drivers, I like the new look.
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  1. Completely uninstall all nvidia drivers, including motherboard etc from add/remove programs. Redownload them from with the latest being 91.31 for nforce. Also get this program: It will allow you to install collbits 1 or 3 as well as give you some other tweaks, you should be good to go after that. Also 91.31 has a bug that pops up a sli has been disabled message every time your computer starts up. A fix is on nvidia's website.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks! Works like a charm, and I enabled SLI and it only popped up to say that it was on and one of my displays may blink (even though I have only one display) So I guess I got lucky :) Thanks again!
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