Ergonomic vs. Standard Keyboard

As far as gaming goes, which do you prefer?
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  1. I had one of thoughs Microsoft natural feel ones... was not very good for gaming at all. But looked and felt nice when you where just doing standard work on it.

    I got the new saitek keyboard which is basicly a normal keyboard that looks good and has keys with an blue LED background and that is very good for gaming so I would just say a normal format keyboard thats got some quality to it should do very well for gamers.
  2. My hands can only seem to work or game with an ergonomic keyboard, but I've heard that's just because I'm weird. :P
  3. :lol:

    I just remember it was awkward with the shift and control keys. I would go to sprint out of the line of fire from someone and would end up crouching instead… I’m surprised it still worked till the day I binned it after all the beatings it taken for that very problem :lol:
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