How to overclock a P940 D in a ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo

Hey, I just got ahold of some new computer parts, and I want to overclock, as to get the 'most' out of my system. I am fairly new to overclocking, but not new to computers. (i.e.: I know what a FSB is, i know how to set the different voltages, but I don't have a full grasp on how to put all the timings, and frequencies and such together correctly, and have read that using the ASUS AI Booster isn't a good solution, BIOS overclocking is, hence why I'm here:)) I have been doing much reading, but need some help. Here's what we got:

-ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo
-Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 RAM
-Pentium D 940 775LGA
-ASUS EN7900GT TOP Graphics Card
-Silverstone Zeus 650W Powersupply

I am also fairly new to the AMI BIOS, so any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

(I also have a pair of TWIN2X2048-5400C4, but ordered the TWIN2X2048-6400C4. * to have more headroom for overclocking? *) or at least that's what the ram people at corsair say.
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  1. The timing for the RAM are 4-4-4-12 BTW, forgot to include that. Probably some other stuff you guys will want to know, so just let me know and I'll post it right up! :) Thanks again
  2. I have 960 on P5N32 SLI Deluxe....
    And very similar specs....
  3. Have you overclocked your system? If so what have you done? I'm very curious. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  4. For a start go the bios and increase the FSB value, by ten increments and boot and test for stability.
  5. Quote:
    For a start go the bios and increase the FSB value, by ten increments and boot and test for stability.

    I shall go to the BIOS and increase the FSB value, and not change anything else and let you know where I top out.

    Thank you so much for helping me out!!! :)

  6. Click expand and zoom in..... P5ND2 SLI (SE).....

    4.4.... will make to 5.0 soon...... have fun ocing
  7. Quote:
    Click expand and zoom in..... P5ND2 SLI (SE).....

    4.4.... will make to 5.0 soon...... have fun ocing

    That's a phat overclock, is that stable? and at what temperatures are you getting? what's your cooling?

    So far i've got the FSB up to 225.0MHz and my multiplier is x16.0 and the Bus Speed is 900.0 MHz for an overclock of 3600.00 MHz. Stable.

    How did you change your multiplier? what are your bios settings?

    and what should I move on to next?

    how do we overclock the ram some?
  8. Yep its stable primed it overnight... I can oc more but it becomes unstable freeze in windows etc etc.

    Temp is around 33 idle and 47 load (prime) but it is water cooled.

    My FSB is 240. But in Bios you will see FSB displayed as "960" you can change this figure in increments of one.

    Im running the 0312 (not the latest bios which still has issues)

    I havent oced the ram Ive prefer to lower the timings (I find it more stable this way) and the ram is volted to 2.00. You should up volt your RAM if you want more stability.

    Up volt the NB and the SB to 1.5 and 1.6v respectively this will alow you to go past the 220 mark and still remain stable (in my experience)

    DO NOT use AI nos or preselected OCs of 5% 10% etc etc they just spell instability.

    DO NOT oc in windows with that program AI booster or what ever it is.... you find that your comp just hangs forever.
  9. I can't tell you about your MB but I do know that my D940 is solid as a rock OC'd to 3.9GHz. I was hoping for 4.0 but it doesn't finish the boot. It gets as far as the desktop and shuts down. Temps are not the problem as they run 32C to 50C. I've done a Prime95 run for 24 hours with it with no errors I did however, back it down to 3.71GHz because my Asus P5P800 SE only has a 3 stage voltage regulator and I don't want a meltdown! Performance is right up there with the x2 4800+!

    Happy Computering,
  10. I have an 840 and I have managed to overclocked it from 3.2Ghz ot 3.840Ghz (20%) stable. I have managed to reached 4Ghz but it runs hot (Smithfield) even with water cooling. As for your cpu, you should reach the 4Ghz barrier no problem and it runs cooler.
  11. chuckshissle,

    I don't think it will see 4.0. The problem is electronic as the instruction set fails and the computer does a re-boot. With only 3 pahse power regulation, there's just too much real danger of frying the voltage regulators on the MB. Perhaps with a better quality MB. This was an economy build that used all the components from my older P4. It's DDR400 and AGP. I plan to get a different, higher quality MB around the first of the year. Then I will see what I can do with it. With either the Zalman 9500 LED or an Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, temperatures are not a problem. Better voltage regulation is the key!

    Happy Computering,
  12. You mean to say that the ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo is not that good for overclocking? Well, Im not familiar with that mobo but it's nice to know. :)
  13. The first thing you need to have is bios 0312 minimum 0403 is also available but unless you need it don’t use it.
    The biggest and most important fix in 0312 was proper CPU thermal monitor reporting. (Was aprox 15C to low)
    Important to know period!
    Prime95 before you over clock to make sure you have no hardware problems.
    Secondly set your vcore manually in bios or you will have post issues and windows hang or random reboots.1.375 is good start (rated max) 1.55 absolute max. Don’t adjust vcore until you exhaust other settings below.
    Do not over clock pci bus!!!
    At first let bios detect ram speeds (auto)
    As wun911 said north and south bridge and ram volts as stated in his response.
    Set your ram frequency as close to rated speed as you can at first. (Nice feature of this board)
    In bios manual settings you’ll see fsb optimize enable/disable. And memory optimize enable /disabe.
    To get your over clocking started set fsb optimize enable…memory optimize enable.
    Bring up your fsb slowly until you can’t post or windows is unstable.
    Adjust your fsb or memory optimize (enable / disable) until you can continue your upward climb.
    You should get past 3.7 GHz easy. You will need to up your vcore to stabilize windows.
    Use two instances of prime 95 to run both cores or you’ll have a false over clock and won’t even know it until your gaming away or using other CPU intensive programs.
    Try to keep your CPU below rated 64C max temp. And vcore below absolute max.
    Until you can get a better feel for over clocking stay around 1.45 max (idling)
    Your vcore will be close to your bios settings under load in the windows environment with a good psu.
    +/- 5% variation is normal
    Good Luck
  14. You should be able to push this mb beyond 4.0 easy....

    No it is not the best oc MB, I have seen AW8 Max 3 Take my CPU to 5.0 (stable with prime and 1.5volts). On P5N32 SLI I can only go to 4.4.... Its not like I'm missing out on a huge preformance difference.

    But I know I can kick 955x chipset ass because I have sli and they dont... hehehehe..... So in games P5N32 SLI still wins!!

    So really P5N32 SLI is made for a modest (above average) OC and 16x2 SLI preformance thus P5N32 SLI is still a perfect gamers MB.

    kwalker is correct.... MUST have at least 0312.... 0403 has some new features but none of them improve the OC experience.
  15. chuckshissle,

    I'm sorry. I didn't make myself clear. I have a D940 buy am using an Asus P5P800 SE MB. I was just relating the D940 part of the info from my experience with it. It's probably gonna be installed in a better MB, early next year. Sorry for the confusion!

    Happy Computering,
  16. Hey Guys,

    Brand new to posting, but ive been here before.

    i have a problem with this motherboard and it is that i can't even up my FSB voltages. im running a Pentium 3.4EE Smithfield core.... if that helps.

    i don't understand, any help would be greatly appreciated

    Oh yeah, just flashed to V0405 too, but it didn't make a difference :cry:


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