New gaming build crashes upon entering sleep mode

Hello. I just finished my first build but my PC crashes every time it sleeps (whether the sleep is automatic or I initiate it). I've seen this mentioned a couple of times throughout the forums but I haven't seen an answer from anyone anywhere. Do I just need to return and replace my mobo?

Processor - i5-2500k
MOBO - Asus p8p67
GPU - MSI GTX 560ti
Memory - GSkill Ripjaws 8GB
PSU - SeaSonic X650 80+ Gold
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
OS - W7 x64
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  1. Usually "crash on sleep/wakeup" issues are related to the graphics card. Try updating the drivers for you Nvidia card.

    ps. you should also run through the common solutions list -
    usb devices
  2. Update for anyone doing a search for the problem - I have found no solution despite all the common trouble-shooting and using a different GPU. I disabled sleep mode and now only hibernate.
  3. i have the same issue
    same cpu, and similiar ram, i got 6950 and asus p67pro. IDK what it is but this happens allot with sandybriges/newer builds. I blame on Asus mobos themselves, cuz i have never heard of this from a gigabyte or MSI.
  4. I should also note I replaced the mobo (with the same type) and the problem persisted.
  5. I'm glad to hear that this is common with new systems. I have an interesting problem on Win7 standby mode - it comes back up with no graphics. I have updated the graphics drivers, to no effect. If I reboot, it reloads the session as if from a hibernate DESPITE the facts that A) I have hibernate disabled, and B) while I think it is in sleep mode, I get the slowly blinking power light that indicates sleep mode.

    Sigh. It's always something. Almost as bad as owning a house.
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