problem while OCing 3500+

I have a 3500+ orleans. After one bump in FSB my mobo beeped Long-Short-Short, meaning video problem. I had locked PCIe speed at 100x and lowered HTT multi to 4x. After one restart the system powered down totally. When I get home from work I'm going to reset the CMOS, but why would I get a video error?
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  1. try not lowering the htt multiplyer, one little bump in the bus speed should not requier you to lower the htt multiplyer.

    other stuff to think about, voltages on the nb if you bump them up like .05 or less it makes it more stable try that out. also memory dividers just lower them to make sure that memory is not a problem.

    I dont know about your core but I have a 3500 wiht a newcastle core and I can only get it to oc from 2.2ghz to 2.6ghz my limit on the bus speed seems to be 240 (200 stock) even if I lower mem speed lower htt multiplyer loosen timings it just doesnt like anything above 240, so maybe you shouldnt expect a large oc out of yours either
  2. yeah, from reading around it looks like although long short short means video problem, it's actually the RAM. I have corsair 6400 which is supposed to work, but I had the RAM running above 800 mhz. I hope i didn't screw it up, lol - gotta reset the CMOS and update the BIOS when i get off work

    edit: ok, i reset the CMOS and updated the BIOS. Then windows wouldn't launch any programs after the first 15 seconds. I launched SuperPI and did a 32M calculation and it completed at a normal time. The system also passed memtest. I reinstalled windows from boot CD, but now i get stuck on the windows loading screen. any ideas other than reformatting? what are some good hard drive checking tools?
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