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I will be building a new gaming system and wanted some opinions on video cards. The system will be an Athlon 64 X2 (prob 4000+) on a nVidia 590 AM2 mobo (prob ASUS).

My question centers around the video card - I've decided to go with an nVidea. For approximately the same cost (+- $100) I can get the following video card(s):

1. 2 x 7900GT - on the plus side, I get immediate SLI. Downside is that the individual cards aren't as good as my other options and couldn't upgrade without total replacement.,

2. 1 x 7900 GTX - downside is that one GTX may not be as strong as 2 GT's. Upside is possible future upgrade (and at a reduced price as the cards get older).

3. 1 x 7950 - downside is that SLI may not be supported at the user level and, if so, 2 GTX's (or maybe even 2 GT's) would be better. Upside is possible expansion to quad SLI.

Any ideas?

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  1. Nvidia released the beta driver for the 7950 SLI today
  2. pick out what games you want to play, and then look at the interactive vga charts. Some games work better in sli then others. depending on the game, you can get 8%t 80% improvement

    stay away from he 7950... personally, i think its a fad card, and not very useful

    also, as cards drop in price, they also drop from shelves. I bought a 7800gt when they first came out, expecting to upgrade to sli (even bought a mobo with 16x sli). but it is very difficult to find a card with that chip, and i cant find my exact card anywhere.
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