What PSU should I get?

Upcoming build:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 600W
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Memory: Corsair 1GB x2 XMS
HD: Seagate 7200RPM 320GB
GPU: X1900XTX (*Read below!! There's more to this.)
TV Tuner: ATI TV Wonder VE (old PCI card)
Optical: Samsung 16x DVD DL Burner w/LS
Floppy: Samsung Floppy Drive
Fans: 3x 120mm fans
Misc: USB mouse, USB keyboard

I originally picked out the OCZ GameXStream but it seems like overkill now. I planned to SLI/Crossfire and get a X2 3800+, but that ideas gone now. I won't Crossfire/SLI until I learn more about ATI's/Nvidia's new approach to using two GPUs, one as a dedicated GPU and the other as a dedicated PPU and DX10 cards are coming soon. And I'm also going with a Core 2 Duo which uses 30 watts less than the X2s I think, though I'm not sure.

But since new ideas usually take time to work out, I'll probably get a X1300 card just so I can use my computer and either get a DX10 card when they're released or reap the benefits of the price cuts on DX9 cards. So, assume the X1900XTX for now so that I don't have to buy another PSU.

What do you guys think would be a good PSU for me? I was thinking about just getting the GameXStream, which should be plenty to power two GPUs (since the GPU used for the PPU will be a weaker X1600 card). But who knows how power hungry DX10 cards will be.

Also, how does one find out how many amps a card needs on the +12V rail (some companies list it, others don't). And how do amps work on multiple +12V rails? I know that the amps don't just add up complete (i.e., 2 +12V rails w/ 18A each does not equal 36A total on the +12V rail)... but not sure how it works.
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  1. the OCZ PSU is a good choice.

    power consumption is supposed to be high for the new DX10 cards.

    each PSU add's up a different way, so i would say 38 amps or higher for that system w/ the x1600 as a PPU
  2. So, is there a way to find the total amps available on a PSU?
  3. generally add them together and slash off a few.
  4. Works for me, thanks muchacho.
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