7800 GTX gone bad?????

hey, i have a BFG 7800 GTX and my fps in bf2 droped like no other and was wondering if anyone had any ideas, its not oced and the power is there, it was working fine then it just quite, thanks in advance for the help
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  1. so ur fps wuz ok 4 u before with all the same settings, then it just dropped?

    if this is the case let us no if u installed a new patch r drivers recently.
  2. nothing new, i am reinstalling bf2 to c if that does nething, but i have the same drivers for everything and it just droped, i run it maxed out and i noticed it, i didnt have FRAPS or something up
  3. ok so u normally run it maxed out on the same map u played and everything worked fine before and all of a sudden ur frames dropped but u dont know 4 sure because u didnt have fraps running. does that sound right? have u tried another game?
  4. well i ran fraps afterwards to c what kind of fps i was looking at and normaly its around 30, but it droped down to no higher then 15, and it was same map and server, as for differnt games i have tried them but i dont have a game that push my gpu like bf2 does
  5. hmm i had a friend who had the exact same problem as you did. he ended up just getting a new gpu, so we didnt have time to inestigate it. bf2 is a very strage game when it comes 2 frames. i hear this problem all the time but dont know how to fix it. i would do what you r doin and just reinstall. i would also patch bf2 and update my drivers. let me no how it goes
  6. k while we have been posting i have been reinstalling bf2, it is done and am patching it and will go look for new drivers for my gpu but if it is busted then hello 7950 x2 i hope, and thank you for ur help
  7. i doubt its busted. but u should download a trial for a newer game with lots of eyecandy. like age of empires 3 or fear r sumtin like that. see how it runs. if it runs disgustingly bad then get that gx2 cuz a gtx should get ok frames in those games. pluse upgradin 2 a gxt will make u MUCH happier. and this is comin from an ati guy with a x1900.
  8. im not one sided, i had a ati 7000 until last christmas, and put a ati x1900 XTX in a friends system, so im no fan boy, but nvidia has a better card out, well at least its more powerful at the moment
  9. running doom 3 compleatly maxed out, AA X4 1248*1024 and everything on high, max fps is around 50, avarge from what i can tell is somewhere near 20fps
  10. well that should b normal at a stock speed gtx. so its not ur gpu.

    have u tried runing bf2 again after reinstalling the game and updating n patching?
  11. i reinstalled the game and patched it and nothing, then reinstalled drivers and nothing, ran prime95 for about 8 hours so its not my system any thoughts?
  12. very strange. the only way 2 no 4 sure is if you have an extra hard drive, reformat it, install windows and all your driver needs. then try running bf2 and c if runs like it should. but thatl be a pain in the ass. if it runs like it used 2 then you will no that it must have been something you recently did on ur other windows install.
  13. i dunno it started working again, my comp takes a couple hours to warm up even after a restart, but now its working fine, but do u have any idea why it takes so long?
  14. wut??? warm up so it doesnt work well unless u warm it up 4 a couple hours?
  15. well in order for my graphics card to work to its full potential my comp has to be on for a couple of hours, and i had just restarted my comp which explains why it was so glitchy i think
  16. well i guess but once u play for about five min, everything should b working and warmed up. well im glad u figured it out
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