How to boot with Win 7 instal CD

If I wipe my hardrive can I use the same Windows 7 disc to instal it?
Also will i need a new product key?
If not how can i wipe my hardrive without my Windows booting up?
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  1. Yes. As long as you're not changing hardware, you can even use an OEM version. You won't need a new product key. The one that came with the disc will work fine.

    All you need to do, is boot off the disc, format your current partition(s), and do a new install. You'll need to either access the boot menu to boot off the DVD, or change the boot order in the BIOS.
  2. My motherboard broke and they sent me a new one would that affect using the same key?
  3. No it won't
  4. Ok then can u give me a more dumbed down version of how to do it?
  5. If it's not the same model of motherboard, it will cause a problem if you are using an OEM version of windows 7. OEM licenses are tied to the original hardware they are installed on. If it's a retail version, it won't cause a problem.

    When you start the computer, tap the delete key repeatedly. That will bring up the BIOS. Look for the advanced boot options. Then find the Boot Order, or First Boot Device. Change that to the CD/DVD drive. Put your windows disc in the drive. Save the changes, and exit the BIOS.

    It will then restart, and see the DVD. It will then display a message to 'press any key.' Do so at that time. Here's a guide to get through the install process.
  6. When i went to do this i got CMOS checksum bad and i can't get rid of it
  7. Try resetting the BIOS by using the designated keystroke within the BIOS, or by removing the CMOS battery for about 15 seconds.
  8. it still occured
  9. Remove all but 1 RAM chip.
  10. Will i be able to put the ram back in? because doing that solved my big problem of windows not starting.
  11. Yes, you can. However, if you do, and the issues return, you likely have a bad RAM chip.
  12. thx for the help
  13. You're welcome.
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